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Meet the band!


is love songs with distortion, lofi postpunk, raw shoegaze with reckless abandon, psych. Pick the description you like, take it all or come up with your own!

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What you get

Distortion to the highest frequency. Feedback and white noise: Please keep in mind when you come to a gig or book a show with us: We are just a two-piece but we are loud. We are not looking for ‘making your ears bleed’ or the throne of ‘loudest band alive’. We want to enjoy the intensity and thrive of a real live show with you. Let’s get carried away by layers of sounds. Dance with us!

Influences: Psychocandy, Pornography, Walk Among Us, Sister, Diaper Island, Past and current projects with Skywave and A Place to Bury Strangers.

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Ceremony East Coast – LOVESICK


LOVESICK ceremony east coast release 2023

Distorted, raw and dark – LOVESICK is pondering the question of authenticity and never ending change in life. At the end of 2020 the two-piece band moved to NYC – in the midst of the pandemic. Each track on the 12 song LP is a snapshot of the band’s struggle with the new reality and unpredictability. Ceremony East Coast continues to share their vulnerability and lust for life. Real and unpolished. All songs are recorded with the band’s Tascam Digital Porta Studio 2488K. Listing to LOVESICK, you are right there with Sandra and John. In their small NYC apartment, in the middle of a pandemic, lonely and hopeful all at once. Send the band an email or pm on social media to order your copy. LOVESICK is also available on bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms. 

Music video for LIFE by Robert Balleras.

Music video for CLOSE TO HELL by Daniel McCarthy.

Music video for IT’S OVER by Sandra and John.

The Band

Ceremony // East Coast is John and Sandra Fedowitz. John is a former member of the well-known 90s shoegaze band Skywave and formed Ceremony back in 2005. After years of music, touring and alternating band members he stopped performing live in 2013. Since 2017 Ceremony East Coast is back. John was joined by his wife Sandra on drums. The band played multiple tours in the USA, Asia and Europe and released multiple albums since 2018. The two-piece surprises with an intense live show: Drone bass lines, white noise guitars, savage drums and intense vocals. Nothing polished, highs and lows. Each live show and record is raw, real and Ceremony style: #lovesongswithdistortion.

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EMAIL: ceremonyeastcoast (at) gmail. com

SOCIAL: Facebook | Instagram

MUSIC: bandcamp

VIDEO: YouTube

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  • LOVESICK | 2023 | candybooking
  • Ruby EP | 2020 | candybooking
  • CANDY | 2019 | candybooking
  • Darling | 2018 | candybooking
  • EAST COAST | 2018 | candybooking
  • Beat Darkness EP | 2017 | candybooking
  • Birds EP | 2016 | Emerald and Doreen
  • Distance | 2014 | Blue Aurora
  • Split 7′ /w A Place to Bury Strangers | 2012 | famus class
  • Safranin Sounds | 2012 | No EMB blanc
  • Don’t leave me behind /on Revolution in Sound | 2011 | Northern Star Records
  • Extended Play | 2011 | Killer Pimp
  • Not Tonight EP | 2011 | Custom made
  • Leave alone 7′ | 2010 | Killer Pimp
  • Someday 7′ | 2010 | Killer Pimp
  • Rocket Fire | 2010 | Killer Pimp
  • Split 12′ /w Screen Vinyl Image | 2008 | Custom made
  • Disappear | 2007 | Safranin Sounds
  • Ceremony EP | 2005 | Safranin Sounds

Band Biography

If you wanna know it in all detail …

Ceremony East Coast is John Fedowitz, Fredericksburg Virginia. He started the band in 2005 with his friend Paul Baker. They both were members of Skywave, a band that had a big impact on American Shoegaze in the late Nineties and early 2000s. After the band broke up John and Paul started their new project, naming it after a Joy Division song. They developed a new sound mainly based on drum computer, bass and guitar. Ceremony released a couple of splits, EPs and 7’, but the first big acknowledgment came with their LP Rocket Fire. Soon after the release Ceremony played 8 shows in Tokyo/Japan together with their friends of Screen Vinyl Image. Ceremony kept on releasing more smaller projects that were all brought together in Safranin Sounds in 2011. That year Ceremony went on their first European tour including a live drummer for the very first time. Europe fell in love with Ceremony and the band was invited on another European tour in 2012. This time with a second bass guitar player: Chris Carr. Paul left the band in 2013, their drummer Ben Wood followed him shortly after. John and Chris played several gigs together, back to the initial set up with bass guitar, guitar and drum machine. In 2014 John decided to release a new LP called Distance. It was his first solo release. He enjoyed recording his very own songs. But after playing a couple of shows he lost interest in playing live without the fun of other band members on stage. In 2016 his friend Oliver Ackermann asked John to join A Place to Bury Strangers and John played drums on their 2016 European tour. Soon after that Ceremony got the offer to tour Europe again together with Alex Kelman / Ice Cream Disco Booking. 2017 John went on a five weeks tour joined by his wife Sandra Fedowitz on drums and James Day on bass guitar. Latest then John caught fire again. Back home he recorded the LP EAST COAST within a month and later in 2018 another 10-song release. All self-released on candybooking. Tours in Asia (incl. Stephen Sullivan on bass guitar), Europe and on the East and West Coast of the USA followed. Ceremony was invited twice to the Tallinn Music Week. and played Madrid es Ruido. Since 2019 Ceremony East Coast is a two-piece with powerful live shows and recordings. Join the ride!

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    1. Hey there! Thank you for being interested in East Coast! It’s never too late 😉 Just send us an email with your shipping address and we’ll send you a Paypal request 🙂

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