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Ceremony East Coast CANDY album

NEW Ceremony East Coast album out NOW!

Ceremony East Coast brings you CANDY…

… for your ears and soul! 

Bass driven songs, white noise guitars, live drums and intense vocals. Nothing polished, highs and lows, no armada of recording programs or months of search for the best take – on purpose! With the new 11 song LP CANDY you get the real, the unsparing #ceremonyeastcoast. If you listen to this record, you are right in the record studio with the two-piece band. All songs recorded in one night each. CANDY is John Fedowitz’s unique songwriting but with more lust to experiment with guitar recording and effects than ever before. Still love songs with distortion, but this time it’s an unadorned love letter to the entire world. The new LP was released September 5th 2019. Get your copy, enjoy and tell your friends!

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11 brand new Ceremony East Coast songs

CANDY is the second self-released album of John and Sandra Fedowitz one year after EAST COAST. The new album includes 11 songs and is available on 180 gram black vinyl. The digital version can be found on bandcamp. Don’t want to miss any news? Then sign up for the band’s newsletter.

Album reviews

Read what others think of Ceremony East Coast’s newest release! We are deeply honored to get this feedback!

ceremony east coast candy review air formation

The ice cool, ultra prolific, duo CEREMONY is back with a new ear splitting but life affirming long player CANDY. Taking their unique fuzzed out Psych to the next level! This diverse and dynamic set of songs rock harder and ooze with confidence and swagger….
CANDY starts off where EAST COAST finished, leaving us wanting more. The metronomic drum beats hypnotize, the guitars climb higher, beaming down washes of white noise from above, with a vocal delivery that speaks of energy and urgency. Was there any other option but to make this music? I doubt it. These songs mean something, these songs go deeper, LUV, desire and ultimately Silence.
CANDY rises again and again with wave upon wave of beautiful discordance to remind us all we still have our dreams.

Matt Bartram – Air Formation

ceremonyeastcoast candy review dion lunadon

One of the things I love about Ceremony is that they do not follow trends or fashions. They do what they love and have kept it raw, honest and real. Just like all the best bands do. Candy is a fucking excellent record and if you like bad ass music then you’ll dig this!! Like a feral dog in need of love.

Dion Lunadon – The D4, Dion Lunadon and A Place to Bury Strangers

ollie ackermann aptbs ceremony east coast candy

Every time I put on Candy, I get a rush of adrenaline shooting through my body. The new Ceremony East Coast record is packed with hit after hit of fuzz drenched masterpieces not crafted to endless perfection but thrown down as they lie, with the spirit and excitement of getting your first car and breaking the speed limit with the radio dimed. The third song Black Jeans is so raw and visceral you can tell John and Sandra have abandoned any previous niceties and pour their hearts into the rhythm and blacks. L-U-V was another stand out track for me. It is so wicked, blistering at 1000 miles an hour like the sound of a jet plane being cut in half with a chainsaw. All and all this album is pretty good, just kidding, it is so freaking killer you are going to need to buy two copies for after the first one wears out. Freaks unite!”

Ollie Ackermann – A Place to Bury Strangers, Death By Audio

Videos: Watch the new releases

Currently there are 3 videos out for the new album. The most popular one is PINK RIOT, but don’t forget to check out ROLLERCOASTER DOWN and YOU GET HURT as well! Which one is your favorite? Let us know and leave a comment.

Find all band videos on YouTube.

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