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Let’s add good stories to this world.

Creating content and telling stories

I have been creating content for over 10 years – Content for websites, print media and social media. I have been working for a concept fashion store in Berlin/Germany and yoga studios and facilitators in the USA. I helped artists around the globe to spread their stories and work.

What would you like to share with the world? 

Let’s team up and spread good stories

What I bring to the table

CONTENT: I am an experienced storyteller for products, businesses and artists. I work within different content formats: blog posts, website content, press releases, social media, print media.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: I have been working as a SEO manager for 8+ years.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Business Events with 800 guests, European tours for musicians, website relaunch for better rankings – give me a challenge or problem and I solve it. It’s not about the topic or industry but about meticulous and smart forward planning.

COMMUNITY MANAGEMENTFor 10+ years I led respectful communication in social media communities, via Google reviews and customer complaints  – with positive outcomes. I shared these skills with businesses and their teams.

LANGUAGE: Lieber auf Deutsch or in English? I am German but have been living in the USA for 7 years.

How can I support your vision? You need someone creating content or are you looking for consultation regarding SEO or community management? I am honestly excited to hear from you and about the project you are working on. More curious? Here is a bit more about me.

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