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Ceremony DARLING

Second Ceremony release 2018: DARLING

Meet East Coast’s sister DARLING

Earlier 2018 Ceremony released its 5th LP called EAST COAST. There were some songs that didn’t make it on the album for multiple reasons. 1. We wanted to make sure that East Coast is flowing, means: all songs were supposed to fit together organically. 2. The goal was to release the album on vinyl, so we only had a certain amount of available ‘space’ on the record. This meant that after the release of East Coast, there was a good amount of material left. What to do with all the songs?

Cassette release only

What’s the best sound storage medium after vinyl?! And after flexi disc and cardboard records? Ja, you got it: cassettes! You can get all the extra songs from East Coast on tape. DARLING was released in October 2018, ready to get on Ceremony’s very first West Coast tour.

ceremony darling candybooking cassette release 2018

Ceremony Darling cassette …

… includes the following songs:

  • Electric Shock
  • Lost Forever
  • Black Tape
  • Death Train
  • Raw
  • Everything Again
  • Let Me Walk You Home
  • Inside

The songs are post punk deluxe! All love songs with a s*** ton of distortion, garage style, raw shoegaze. They are also available on bandcamp. The physical copy comes with four more songs. They are live recordings Ceremony did together with Stephen Sullivan from Alluvion, a FXBG based melodic metal band. The songs were recorded by Stickman Sounds (highly recommended! It’s a pleasure to work with Brian!). The live songs are:

  • Closer
  • The Summer The Sun
  • Want More
  • Throw Your Love Away

Put in your order!

If you are interested in a copy just send me or Ceremony a message. A limited amount of copies are also available for European orders.

Electric Shock music video

The video for Darling’s Electric Shock made it on on the WL//WH Top 12 ‘Video of the Day’ 2018 list. Check out the video and feel free to share!

2 thoughts on “Ceremony DARLING”

  1. Hi!
    I’m interested in the cassette if that is still available.
    I’m located in Germany.

    Let me know if that is possible and what the involved costs are.

    Thanks and best regards,


    1. Hey there! And yes, we have two cassettes left 🙂 Darling comes with a download code + 4 live recorded songs that aren’t available anywhere else. It’s 10 Euro + 4 Euro shipping. Just send us an email and we’ll send you a Paypal request. Thank you so much for being interested! Have a great day!

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